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Based on extensive industry experience, meticulous research and an entrepreneurial spirit, Iconic Worldwide will become one of the most important and highly thought-of property developers in the Northern Region of Malaysia. We are dedicated to the property markets in which we operate, and our company’s success will stem from our ability to offer exceptional property developments at competitive rates, confident investment projections, and the most up-to-date market intelligence insights.
Property Development
We work with owners, developers, investors, non-profits, lenders, attorneys and asset managers to help maximize the value of their real estate holdings. We do this by providing high quality affordable, construction management, project management, and entitlement processing. We also can provide advisory services for infrastructure development and investment and with distressed properties or workouts.
Construction Management
The foundation for every building project and its the key to its success.
Project Management
To complete projects with quality of works within within time frame and achieve goals set by the company.
Project Advocates
Provides the best in owner's representative services to ensure our Customer's project objectives are achieved.
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