Delivering exceptional managerial solutions
Iconic Worldwide has extended its expertise in developing master-planned property developments, and will have a significant presence in several key regional markets. Simultaneously, it has developed competencies in hospitality and tourism, as well as hotel management.
Property Development
We work with owners, developers, investors, non-profits, lenders, attorneys and asset managers to help maximize the value of their real estate holdings. We do this by providing high quality affordable, construction management, project management, and entitlement processing. We also can provide advisory services for infrastructure development and investment and with distressed properties or workouts.
Finance & Asset Management
We specialize in maximizing the return on investment on your hotel investment. Both short turn through profit optimization, and long term through operational cost control and maintenance of the real estate asset, we strategically improve your financial results.
Project Management
Given our size and global reach, Iconic Worldwide is committed to being a part of the solution for the world's social, environmental and economic issues.
Project Advocates
Diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our core values and strategic business goals. Taking care of people and their well-being is our most precious cultural inheritance.
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