Giving you an Iconic experience.

As an innovative, dexterous and influential player in the hospitality sector, Iconic Worldwide owns and manages the market-leading Iconic Hotel located in Icon City. The entire executive team which is highly experienced in this industry backs Iconic Hotel in directing and overseeing the overall operations, while the management, finance and sales & marketing team work towards introducing a fresh new cycle of concepts and products, providing you and the industry with some of the finest and most diverse experiences ever.

Tourism Consultancy

At the core of every successful tourism business there is a strategy focusing on medium and long term aspirations and driving short term goals. Due to our collective expertise and industry knowledge, we've been invited to work on a variety of projects, whether from inception or inputting throughout.

Value for Money

Traveling well includes getting the best value for your money. Our guests feel that it’s not about spending as little as you can, but about what you get for what you spend and that our trips are worth every penny. They say the exclusive experiences we provide, the great hotels they stay in, and the exemplary service they receive often far exceeds their expectations and that with us, they get their money’s worth and more.

Tailored Experiences

Experience deeply personalised tours to awaken your inner wanderlust.

Customer Care

Provides the best customer service on hand to assist with any inquiries that you may have, even after using out services.

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This is our communication channel for you to send questions, suggestions, complaints and compliments about any subject. Besides submitting messages through the form below, here you can follow the progress of your messages.