Tan Seok Ying

Executive Director


Tan Seok Ying (“TSY”), age 35, Executive Director and co-founder of Iconic Group, a leading Malaysian conglomerate with core interests in Property Development and Hospitality Industry based in Penang.

TSY graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia in year 2008. TSY had started her career in Iconic Group since 2011 and currently an acting Accounting, HR and Marketing Director of Iconic Group of Companies.

Since the incorporation of Iconic, the Iconic Group has completed property development projects worth more than RM600 million in gross sales value. Subsequently the company expanded the business into the hospitality sector in 2016.

Among the notable projects completed by the Iconic Group are:

(i) Icon City - a commercial hub which consists of 68 units of 3½-storey semi-detached and three (3) units of five (5)-storey detached commercial buildings as well as a 15-storey business class hotel known as “Iconic Hotel”, built on a ten (10)-acre freehold land in Juru, Seberang Prai, Penang. The construction of Icon City (save for the Iconic Hotel) commenced on 17 September 2012 and was completed on 6 August 2014.

Iconic Hotel is a four (4)-star rated 15-storey business hotel with 195 rooms and two (2) food and beverages outlets. The construction of Iconic Hotel commenced on 14 October 2013 and was completed on 1 April 2016. The hotel won the Luxury Design Hotel and Luxury New Hotel (both for Malaysia) awards in 2017 by World Luxury Hotel Awards; and

(ii) Iconic Skies - two (2) blocks of 35- and 37-storey condominiums (299 units) and 14 units of 3½ storey Skies villas, built on a 3.783-acre freehold land in Relau, Penang island. The construction of Iconic Skies commenced on 27 April 2015 and was completed on 14 August 2017

TSY has the ability to support competitive decision making by collecting, processing, and communicating information that plan, control, and evaluate business processes and company strategy. To-date, she has accumulated more than seven (8) years of experience in the property development and hospitality businesses and actively involved in the management of Iconic Hotel. With her experience in property development background and hospitality sector, she is capable to drive the company to develop more trendsetting projects.

Save as disclosed herein, she is the daughter of Dato’ Tan Kean Tet and sister of Tan Cho Chia, who is the executive director of the Company. She has no convictions for any offences within the past 5 years (other than traffic offences, if any), nor any public sanction or penalty imposed by reguKarlary bodies during the financial year.

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