When the wind of change blows,
some build walls,
while others build windmills

Indeed, how businesses deal with change is vital to their survival. Sanbumi faced a number of challenges in the past years, but in my point of view, challenges are inevitable, and our commitment to a better future remains. It was the complex economic conditions of the time that will sculpt us into a stronger organization today as Iconic Worldwide. Through our highly efficient and agile management structure and unfailing commitment to revolutionize our business model, Iconic Worldwide will be able to navigate the challenging fiscal climate and evolve into one of the nation’s most resilient and trustworthy key players in the property industry.

During 2019, we accelerated the transformation of our business and our platforms for future growth. Through my appointment as Executive Director of the company in January 2019, we welcomed new shareholders, new colleagues and iconic brands into our business. We also transformed our approach to building a more sustainable business with the launch of our joint-venture projects between Sanbumi and Iconic Group. These transformational initiatives will have a significant impact on the way in which we bring our property and hospitality products to market, improve and measure our performance, contribute to our communities and engage with our internal and external stakeholders. It is a considerable undertaking that puts renewed focus to revitalise Sanbumi and drive the company into the next cycle of growth.

We cannot embark on this journey alone. As the property market of Malaysia grows, we grow right along with it. I always envisioned a company that is in sync with the trends and innovations of realty, and flourishing in accordance. We endure being the market vanguard, as we expand our network, adopt new business models and become a quality benchmark in the highly competitive property market in the northern region of Malaysia.

Which is why, on behalf of Iconic Worldwide, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our very own community of employees, partners and shareholders who share our vision. Our focus remains the creation of sustainable value for all our stakeholders. Most of all, I look forward to what we will accomplish together.

Thank you.

Dato’ Tan Kean Tet
Managing Director
Iconic Worldwide Berhad

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